Start of a new addiction

Who would have thought that running would be my first big love in 2008? If I’d review my relationship history with running, it was more of mutual hatred.

When I was a freshman in college, I loathed the idea of running. I remember running around the oval with my PE1 classmates at 1PM. It was traumatic. I didn’t even get to finish five rounds, and when I rested under a tree and blinked, I couldn’t see a thing.

But then my friends were able to drag me into it once in a while in college, and it was much more bearable because we’d run in the mornings. I also attempted to run while I was on vacation in California, only to be chased by dogs that got away from their masters.

Things changed, though. I started working in 2005 and continued living away from home. Unlike in college where you meet classmates who are also miles away from their families, not everyone in the corporate world are living independently. I’ve met wonderful friends, though. But they also have their families to attend to, significant others to spend time with, and older friends they need to catch up with.

A few months after being employed, confusion began to invade my system. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I wanted to leave my two-month job. I wanted to go back to school. I wanted to go back to the U.S. There were times I regretted my decisions. I had confided to almost everyone I could confide to, but I couldn’t release fully all the negative emotions. So I ran.

Running officially became my frustration fighter. Be it related to work, a jerk or my personal roadmap, I would run to get a dose of endorphins and make myself happy.

One night, I got lost. So I ran for another half hour to find my way back. My poor sense of direction didn’t stop me from running, though. To be safe, I would run around the park. And now, I’m having my runs tracked, well, with the help of the treadmill at the gym.

Ever since a friend of mine dragged me to the Mizuno Infinity Run, I couldn’t stop. I realized that having running friends makes the experience a whole bunch of fun than running alone inside the village while almost on the verge of tears and running without actually moving (i.e. treadmill).

Before my personal blog gets swamped with entries about running, I decided to set up another blog entirely dedicated to my new love. And I’m hoping there’d be more entries, more energy, more kilometers, more friends and much, much more.

Running is more than just a stress fighter. It’s my new passion. Now, I run for health, friendship, love and life.

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