To Infinity and beyond!

I’ve been sticking to the running program I got from Runner’s World for almost three weeks now. I moved some of the running days to rest days and some rest days I changed to running days. With a flexible schedule, I feel less pressure (which is not always the case at work).

This month has been a pretty boring running month. My friends and I haven’t gone out to the road to run. We’ve been partying, drinking and dating. And my office mate just pointed out that my favorite drink, Margarita, gives me a whopping 500+ calories per glass. I should really pump up my cross training to burn more calories.

And for that I’m excited for my biking activity with my father tomorrow! Yehey! Just hope it won’t rain.

Back to running, my friends and I are excited for another run–the Mizuno Infinity Run 2. The first Mizuno run is my first race, and I couldn’t believe it that I was able to run 5K without replenishing my body with water. I guess I was well hydrated before the race. Nonetheless, I don’t intend to run another 5K without a drop of replenishment. So Infinity Run 2, here we come!


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