It looks like another biking day is postponed.

Last week, the heavens didn’t cooperate, so I stayed in bed until 8AM. This weekend, we didn’t get to hear the Anticipated Mass this afternoon, so our morning won’t be free. I asked my brother if we could go together, but he said he wanted to go biking in the afternoon.

Just last week, we were like the little kids we once were–arguing over who gets to bike with our father in the next couple of weeks. Now, we’re both disappointed. I miss biking outdoors. Although the stationary bike would allow me to read a book while I pedal, I miss the wind on my face whenever I strive to speed up.

Oh well, this would mean another Sunday at the gym. And that spells boring.

P.S. Did I just use the same adjective that *Eaj* attributed to working out at the gym?


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