Looong walk, Looong run

I block my Thursday nights for my long runs (No dinner/coffee dates allowed!). Well, there are a few exceptions. When my legs are itching for a run on a Wednesday, I’d do my long run a day earlier.

Last week, though, Thursday was an exceptionally long day at work. I went to work an hour earlier than my usual log in time (a few minutes after 7AM). Then I left past 7PM. I guess we’re really bound to love and hate holidays—love the break and hate the advance work.

My team mate and I also went to the bank to pay our bills. It was nice of her to accompany the newbie me. I never intended to use this other card as I never get to max out the other, but I guess it’s about time to give that bank a chance. Just like me, she also did advance work and was too exhausted. “Kasi naman, holiday pa,” we both complained, which made us laugh at ourselves for hating the break. We were both dragging our steps from one bank to another.

I’m scheduled to do my long run today, I told her. But all I could ever want at that moment was a warm bath and an early, good night sleep. She said she’ll sleep when she gets home. We paid our bills and we parted ways.

I told myself I’ll do the long run that night—it’s either I do it a day earlier or on the day itself. No delays! I also had my period that week, so I was less comfortable with working out and running.

So I ran. When I reached 2K, I was determined to finish the remaining miles. At 5K, I almost wanted to wrap it up. I increased my pace, cheating so that I could cover the remaining miles soon. At 6K, I thought I should stop and perhaps leave the remaining 3K the following day. But following the right pace, I finished 9.66km that night.

I thought my work drained all my energy that day. Finishing the long run after a long day at work was fulfulling, but I took a cab home. Haha. 🙂


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