Reunited with my first love: biking!

Finally, my father and I pushed through with our biking, which has been my long lost love. The timing was perfect–we went biking on Father’s Day morning, just before pigging out at Josephine’s Tagaytay. It was a short reunion with biking. Nonetheless, it was brief enough to want for more of it in the coming weekends.

The best gift I’ve ever gotten in my life is the red bike that my mother gave me when I was in grade school. I thought I’d get reprimanded for attempting to ride my brother’s bike, falling off it and bruising myself. My mother understood how much I’d like to try it that she bought me my very own with training wheels. Soon, we had the training wheels removed and I was biking confidently, balanced on my shining red bike.

Since then, my brother and I used to bike around our backyard. That’s how big it once was when we were little kids. And every time that we were out, my father would always tell us to watch out for the coconuts lined along the fence on one side of our lot. We never really cared about those coconuts. What are the chances that a coconut would fall on my head when I’m biking so fast? I thought. Then on Sundays, my mother would accompany us around the subdivision, which wasn’t too congested back then, too (Now, my hometown really has changed a lot. And I miss its old self—lots of trees, less pollution, less people).

I forgot how biking and I drifted apart. I guess it’s because my brother eventually stopped biking, and so I did too. The fun part of it was biking around with a companion. And we didn’t have neighbors our age who’d go biking with me.

And now for my reunion with biking, my father and I went around for only 7km, as the sun was already up. When we got home, my mother had protested that I should quit biking outside because I just had another tan.

“Nangitim ako?” I asked incredulously. It was just 7k, I thought. I couldn’t have turned pitch black! And I put facial sunblock before we left, but forgot putting sunscreen on my arms and legs. Perhaps the arms gave it away–the undeniable tan look again, that is.

My father considered letting me try uphills, as I told him I’m up for the challenge (even though I hate running uphill). He said he hates uphills, but I insisted that I try it the next time we bike. I’d like to try running and biking in Tagaytay, too. But I’m still afraid of biking in the highway, so I guess the MPV would serve its purpose as of now.


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