Back to running

Due to an upset tummy, I only did an easy run last week. I missed the road so much that I decided to dump my gym bag in my room last night and do my long run around the village.

At 10:30pm, I laced my newly bought running shoes and hit the road.

When I said that I decided on getting a SportBand, I didn’t delay the purchase. I bought the last SportBand at a Nike Women store last Friday. As my mother would tell me, “success comes with preparation and with a quick decision-making skill.” I wish I could apply that principle in a more suitable situation other than shopping.

I covered 6 miles, according to the SportBand, which I hope is accurate. Nonetheless, I ran a few hundred extra meters on my way back home.

I went around the village. I got bored, so I decided to brave the CBD. I reached Valero and ran around, indifferent to getting lost. The office is nearby anyway, I thought. Once I find my way there, I would know where to go, so I confidently ran and ran.

There were still lots of cars parked along the streets. A lot of people in their office attire were still on the streets. Soon, I found myself in Leviste. Because of the crowded streets, I couldn’t do a consistent pace of 8:03. So I decided to go around the park near the office.

I made it home before midnight. And thankfully, I didn’t get lost this time.


2 thoughts on “Back to running

  1. they were right. it’s quite difficult to use it at night. but the street lights were helpful enough. 🙂 what i don’t like about it is that i have to press a button every time i want to switch from viewing the distance, pace, time and calories burned. but i guess pretty soon, i’ll get used to it. 🙂 in terms of accuracy, umm, i’m no gps either. 🙂

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