The first night: A Nike+ SportBand review

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I succumbed to Nike’s marketing efforts of luring runners to get their fashionable SportBand last week. By Tuesday this week, I tried it on my first long run after a week of no-running-nor-crosstraining.

I wanted to try it in the morning, as it doesn’t have a backlight. But I spent my morning trying to get more sleep and snoozing the alarm. So I had no choice but to swallow hard and wish my new running toy wouldn’t let me down when I use it at night.

Lighten the criticism
It turns out that yes, it doesn’t have a backlight, but I don’t run in pitch black dark places. The street lights served their purpose. After my 9.66km run, I learned that the best time to glance at the SportBand is when you’re nearing a streetlight.

So while some criticize it for the lack of a backlight, it’s not really a gigantic issue with me.

The buttons
You’re running and you try to check the distance you’ve covered. But oops, all you can see on the screen is your pace. So while running at a pace of 6:00mins/km, you push a button just to check the other numerical data.

Ease-of-use is probably one of the top priorities of Nike with the SportBand (another priority, I suppose, is fashion). There are only two buttons. You press the round button beside the display to start, pause and stop. Below the display goes the other button for shifting views from your pace, distance, time and distance covered.

It’s a pretty simple, user-friendly running gadget. The manual that went along with the product only has illustrations for instructions, as if runners can’t read. The detailed step-by-step guide is available online.

In summary
Fashionable and lightweight, the Nike+ SportBand is a pretty good buy (for me). It’s packed with the basic features that I just need. Just don’t ask me about its accuracy. I didn’t do a teardown of the product, but I like the USB-charging functionality. I charged it last Sunday, and it’s still running until today.

Ease-of-use is excellent, but ease of looking at it while running isn’t as breezy as I hoped. It doesn’t have a backlight and you have to press the button to view one numerical data at a time. Nonetheless, I’ll convince myself that it’s worth my money. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The first night: A Nike+ SportBand review

  1. I almost got this toy. It has the data I wanted for running and it is also fashionable. But decided to read some reviews first. Thanks for this feedback.

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