No gray areas? Take it easy

I did my easy run this morning in CBD. As much as I’d like to do it at the gym so that I can also do some strength-training, I dropped the idea because I can’t afford to bring my gym bag to work and then go out tonight. It’s just a movie and another inuman night, the inuman part I wish I could get away with by just drinking water.

I ran a good 3.29km, and I realized that I really find it difficult to run at a consistent pace. I tend to overspeed, then I’d walk. After gathering momentum, I’d dash. Then, I’d walk. This morning, I tried to keep my pace in check.

The SportBand read that I was running at a 6:00min/km pace. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was doing a 7:30min/km pace. Or maybe this is what they’ve been saying all along: 92% accuracy? Nonetheless, i tried to slow down to hit an 8:10min/km pace. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to put my body to run at that pace on the road. I could easily do that at the gym by adjusting the treadmill’s speed, but outside, I can’t seem to control my pace. As I said earlier, it’s either I run or I walk.

I finished the required 3:22km, but as I was in the middle of the road, I ran a few more meters and restarted the SportBand. I attempted to measure the distance from my office to where I live. I just learned that I live 2.7km away from the office. Oh, let’s make that 2.7km plus/minus 500meters.


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