Long run cut short

I turned off my Mr. Brightside alarm at 5:30am. I need some sleep. I need some rest, I thought. I decided to do my long run after work and pulled back the sheets to sleep.

After a meeting at the office, I made myself a mug of oatmeal. Two hours later, I thought I’ve done everything I needed to do and left the office. Fearing that I’d cut my long run due to heavy rains, I used the treadmill. Forty minutes into the work out, hunger pangs started to hunt me. And it didn’t help that the sitcom I was watching included scenes in the kitchen, as well as talks about pizza and bacon sandwich.

A supposed 11.27km became 9.01km. I was almost there, barely two kilometers away from finishing it. But my tummy was complaining and I slowed down. The oatmeal didn’t sustain me for the entire duration of the run. Oh well, another lesson learned. My run should either be early in the morning or late at night, when it’s most spooky. And oh, when my stomach is happy.


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