Running soundtrack

I’ve been trying to stay away from ear phones for a year now–be it in the office or at the gym. As much as I’d like to be accompanied with music while I run, I just don’t want to damage my ear drums further. I pop in music whenever I want to block noise around me in the office. I plug in my earphones whenever I watch TV at the gym. And I often tune into a morning show to have my daily dose of laughter. Hence, if I still plug them while I run, my ear drums would be aging 10x faster than my body.

I’ve read an article that advises earphone users to limit using the devices to 30mins a day. Noise-cancelling earphones are also recommended.

Hence, I run sans music to give my ears a break, even though plugging in earphones is the most tempting thing to do while running alone. During one of my easy runs this week, I couldn’t help but play a song–Viva la vida–in my head, just to relax. It’s the latest song by Coldplay, and it is like panacea for any mood. It’s like a shot of espresso when I’m sleepy at the office. It’s like a cup of chamomile tea whenever I’m stressed out. And when I’m doing just all right and I hear it, I perk up like I just took a bite of dark chocolate. So that night, while doing an easy run, I was imagining that the beautiful music and rich harmony was enveloping me while I run.

Its melody and the rhythm never fails to set me into a good mood. The timbre of the strings give a sense of relaxation, while the timbre of the vocalist’s voice is just perfect and blends well with the other instruments. Its percussions give the right, lively vibe. What I love most is its harmony. And while I was running, I wasn’t content with just imagining that it’s playing and I wanted to have a booster dose of this addictive music to add more endorphins.

“For some reason I can’t explain, I know St. Peter won’t call my name.”

I sang this line out loud while running.

Let’s just not dwell on the lyrics. I would someday hope that St. Peter would call my name. For the mean time, I’ll just enjoy my easy runs and hope that no one heard and saw me that night.


One thought on “Running soundtrack

  1. Almost a year sans earphones? Wow. I have the same dilemna- my ears are practically plugged up 24/7 (I like tuning out the world as much as possible. Probably one of the reasons why I run). I wish I had your will power. I’ve been in denial for years now, although my lip reading skills are definitely being honed. Nice to meet you, Digital Dasher!

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