The Knee-d to Know

This entry is inspired by that large brown envelope that still lies in my office work station.

A few days before my first 10K race in June, I began to feel a discomfort in my left knee. I first felt it one morning when I woke up a day after a rest day (totally rest day as I didn’t run nor cross-train). It wasn’t painful–it just wasn’t feeling the same as my right knee.

I supposed it was because of my sleeping position. I didn’t want to go to the doctor, afraid that I would be advised to skip the upcoming race. I knew that I’d go hysterical. I had pre-registered and it was the first time that I really trained hard (well, albeit not consistently because I skipped the last three weeks of training) for a 10km run. Race day came, and both knees survived, thank you very much. It was just my hangover that made me feel sick afterwards.

My left knee didn’t feel any worse, but it didn’t feel any better too. The discomfort hadn’t disappeared. However, I have a high tolerance for pain, so I wondered if my knee condition that appeared to me as a slight “discomfort” may be injury and should be sending me to the doctor. Instead of suffering a long-term consequence of an injury (i.e. no runs for months), I consulted a doctor. That same night when I decided to see a doctor, I had my left knee X-ray-ed.

The following day, I skipped lunch to get the X-ray results and consult the orthopedist. I got the results, but unfortunately, the specialists have left the clinic 30 minutes before their supposed off.

“What’s your orthopedist’s clinic hours?” I asked the front desk.
“There’ll be an ortho on Sunday,” the officer said.

Sunday? It’s midweek! Hungry and cranky, I pointed out that I was told the ortho would be at the clinic until 12 noon and it was only 11:30am. I also said that I was told my X-ray result would be available before 12 noon, but when I arrived they made me wait for 15 minutes. Again, I asked for a doctor (kulit ko din).

“Umalis na po eh,” the desk officer said. How unprofessional of them, I wanted to say. It’s like a student cutting classes or an office employee logging out an hour earlier log out time. But instead of wasting

I wanted to go to Makati Med, where I thought someone might be able to attend to me and examine the results. I later dropped the idea, as it would mean a two-hour lunch break for me.

So I brought to the office that big brown envelope. Attached to it was a reading of a lab technician labeled “NORMAL.” I wasn’t content with such reading, so I really wanted to consult a specialist. But before that Sunday came, my left knee has already felt better and I’ve been running again.

A month later, I’m training for another 10K run. And that envelope still hasn’t been to a doctor’s desk. It used to lie with all my work-related documents. It now rests prominently on my shelf along with the neatly-piled magazines.

I still wonder, should I see a doctor? My knee needs to know.


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