Getting ready for a Miracle

A supposed weekend in Baguio was postponed, so a running buddy and I decided to join the Miracle Run. She wanted to run 5K. Ideally, I’d run the other half of it. But we wanted other friends to join us, so I was open to run either 5 or 10. Finally, another friend joined our bandwagon. A former runner and breaking his hiathus in running, he wanted to run 5K.

I was ready for 10K. I’ve been training for another 10k run in September. But my training has been disrupted with a series of spur of the moment drinking invites and an upset stomach (canteen food never fail to surprise me with microorganisms).

I’ve been surrounded with sneezing and coughing people, but my immune system had been able to fight off unwanted virus. Well, that is, until yesterday. My throat now hurts, which made me cancel my crosstraining this morning. When I talk, the voice that comes out is a hybrid of a man’s and a woman’s. This afternoon, I’ve been taking bathroom breaks to blow my nose.

I know what this calls for: three liters of water, pineapple juice, 500mg of Ascorbic acid, multivitamins and an eight-hour sleep. And oh, a 6.44km run tomorrow morning. I hope by Sunday, I’ll be running without a runny nose.


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