Mulling the Human Race

Due to the over excitement on the Makiling Challenge and two non-running activities in the coming weekends, I’ve forgotten about the Human Race, which was one of the races I was going gaga about just two weeks ago. Now, I’m not even sure if I’d be joining the event at McKinley Hill or I’ll just run off the 10K alone where it’s possible.

When my brother saw my SportBand on the PC table about a month ago, he asked me if he could have it. “Wow, a new watch!” he exclaimed. It was the first time in months that I saw his face light up like the little kid we once were.

“It’s more than just a watch,” I bragged. Then I laughed at how marketing-ish I sounded. I explained to him the features of my gadget.

“Eh magkano?” he asked.
“I got it for 2,900+. Discounted, thanks to HSBC,” I said.
“Can you get me one for Christmas?” he asked with that “requesting” smile, which was an odd request for a kuya. He’d always been the one who used to ask me if I wanted anything. He’s now married (good for him!), has a happy family and a wonderful two-year-old son. Hence, his budget is a lot tighter for himself. He rarely makes requests, so I thought of getting him one as a reward for being the good family man for his own family and so that I could get him back to running too.

But the frugal in me kicked in. “Sige, for Christmas,” I swore. “Christmas gift hanggang 30 years old ka na.” He agreed. “Tumakbo ka muna,” I added. He agreed again.

I wish I had told him he should go with me to the Nike Human Race.


2 thoughts on “Mulling the Human Race

  1. aww, too bad i missed it. but i ran my own 10k. so in a way, i was part of it. sana next year, manila will be one of the key cities. 🙂

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