The Core

When I was new with running, side stitches would always bog me down. That piercing pain would slow me down, and eventually let me stop at 3.22km instead of 5km. My friend said I should hydrate well before a run to avoid it. Further research told me that I should strengthen my core muscles in order to avoid side stitches.

A few months later, I still don’t have those nice, killer abs. But I guess I have “somehow” strengthened them enough to help me endure longer runs. I’m still struggling with my core exercises and I guess the trainer at the gym would just shake his head if I tell him that after all these months, I still can’t do 50 reps, 3 sets of leg raises. Haha. 😀

Here are helpful links for better abs and stronger core muscles:
The Core of the Matter (Runner’s World)
How to Get Ripped Abs (Runner’s World)


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