Makiling Challenge 7 Race Route

Makiling, we miss you! Do be friendly to us runners who didn’t get the chance to train for your challenge.

Also, can you request Mother Nature to be calm on race day? I don’t want go home with wet running shoes again.

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One thought on “Makiling Challenge 7 Race Route

  1. at the 7th makiling challenge, i ran with shear will. maybe because of excitement (or anxiety) i wasn’t able to sleep! not even a blink that night. i was in bed at 7 pm telling myself that i have to get some rest for the race, but i didn’t get to sleep. i was tossing and turning all night. i contemplated not to run. but i still decided to go ahead.

    i’m from san pablo city and i came early. when i got there, there were still few runners. i was impatient. i wanted the race to start so it would end soon, and i could get some sleep.

    wow, you should be getting some rest prior to race day. hope you had fun. keep on running.

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