It’s time to sharpen some management skills

It appears that I am stuck in this fitness lifestyle. I am not complaining. It’s just that I have never invested so much in fitness in my entire life that I am overwhelmed with the way I’m taking this seriously. Biking, walking and running are just some of my leisurely activities that happen to be calorie-burners and considered exercise.

Last Monday, I renewed my gym membership (and for that I saw Marc Nelson). That means another bucket of cash. It would also mean pressure on my part to maximize the use of the membership. Last year, I didn’t even get to use all my visits.

Not just about the treasure
It’s not only about cutting down on food trips and shopping, and instead alloting the cash to my membership. It’s also about time. It’s about waking up at 5:30am to go to the gym and sprinting to work before 8:40am. It’s about stopping my night reads at 9pm to get a seven- or eight-hour sleep. It’s about ending a coffee date because it’s getting late (e.g. disastrous Starbucks date) and I have to go to the gym the following day.

It’s about planning to take that MA, but I’m afraid that I won’t have time for school anymore—with work, extracurricular activities, the social life that my friends and I have promised we’ll keep alive (we’re no corporate slaves!), the quality time I’ve sworn myself to give to my family (I owe them A LOT, and I mean A LOT of quality time), the time I have to invest to make some things work (relationships) and more time to do what I love—running.

It’s also about peer pressure. It’s about being uncool for not drinking a lot, not smoking and not being a party rat because I needed to rest after a long day that started with an early morning run or a workout at the gym. It’s about dumping a coffee date with a bunch of friends you miss terribly because you have to wake up early for a Sunday run. It’s about not having that chitchat until midnight with my mother because I’m miles away from home and just a stone’s throw away from the gym, which would be my destination the following day. It’s about choosing between a friend who needs a listener and strength training or a long run (but I’ve already resolved this: workouts at the gym would be in the morning; long runs at night, even if it means lacing up my shoes at 11pm).

It’s about being torn between crosstraining at the gym or running outdoors (again, I’ve already resolved this: gym is for crosstraining, strength training and speedwork).

I’ve already consulted with my life adviser on this: my mother. And she said the gym membership is a good investment. For health reasons, she said. But I can run and I enjoy running outdoors, I reasoned out. She stated the obvious that I can’t run everyday and that when it rains, I would have no choice but to stay indoors.

So that’s another year of being tied to the gym. And I should take it more seriously this year, so that it could help me become a better runner. I guess what I really need to sharpen is my time-management skills.

* * * * *
Another trip to the neurologist?
I noticed that every time I take antibiotics and cough medications, I go into dizziness spells. I’ve undergone numerous tests and had my EENT doctor looked at them. Everything seemed to be normal. She told me to get into cardiovascular exercise (and that’s why I started going to the gym last year).

I consulted a neurologist almost over a year ago and had another lab test. The dizziness and light-headedness disappeared. Stubborn me didn’t take the medicines, scared because she told me I shouldn’t be taking it if I’m planning to get pregnant in the next few years. Of course back then I wasn’t planning to have a baby, but I was—and still am—afraid of taking medications or any drug that could alter the natural bodily functions; for me, these drugs are already invasive. It’s the same reason I don’t smoke and never succumbed to drugs. Besides, the spells disappeared, and I thought that by staying fit, the dizziness would never come back.

Now the spells have recurred, and I’m scared. I’m afraid of the unknown that I didn’t try to find out by just dropping by the hospital, just 15 minutes away from where I work. Now I’m not even sure if my condition has gotten worse. I’m terrified of my neurologist—she might eat me alive for not taking the medications. But then again, I guess it’s time to find out what the heck is wrong with me and take the required medicines.

On a lighter note, she told me (almost a year ago) that this might just be another form of migraine. And just like what numerous doctors—dermatologist, neurologist, EENT and internal medicine specialists—tell me whenever I complain of discomforts, it’s probably just because of stress. Now that’s another thing I should learn to manage.


5 thoughts on “It’s time to sharpen some management skills

  1. Dear digitaldash, I have the same problem months ago… I lost a big part of my social life bcoz of running. tsk tsk.. I miss ABSOLUT!

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