Lace ’em up, lazy runner

I ran a mere 400 meters this week. And I didn’t pound the pavement at that. I was at the gym and just waiting for my turn at the rotary torso that’s why I got into the treadmill. By the time the machine was vacant, I hopped out of the treadmill.

I didn’t get to run a single kilometer because it’s been raining every night, and the medications have been making me feel drowsy.

“You take these before bed time,” I remembered my neurologist tell me. “Others complain that it makes them drowsy.”

I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with the prescribed medicines. After all, they’d be taken before bed time. Little did I know that what she meant by “drowsy” was it’ll make you dead to the world when you sleep. I wasn’t able to go to the gym in the mornings nor do an easy run because I’d always wake up past 7, giving me only enough time to shower and get ready for work.

Tomorrow’s another chance for me to hit the road for a run or even for some biking. I do hope I’d wake up upon the sound of my alarm, get up from bed and lace up my shoes before the sun rises.


2 thoughts on “Lace ’em up, lazy runner

  1. Hello Digital Dash. Really nice site and wanted to check it out.

    Please take care and keep on running! You’re doing well. – Wayne

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