Pounding the pavement

If there’s one bad thing that’s good for me, it must be running or to be more politically correct, “pounding the pavement.” Running has been listed as one in an article called “the top 10 bad things that are good for you” published in the September issue of Reader’s Digest. More on that later.

Last night, I got a dose of an easy run, which actually didn’t start out as easy. Due to excitement (oh when did I start a run sans the excitement?), I started with a 5’30” pace, so smooth that I scared off someone as I went past a duo.

It sure is fun to run outdoors again after more than two weeks. I only started to keep my pace in check and slowed down when a friend joined me after 1.7km, and I chattered with her. I ended last night’s run after covering 5.7km, still driven to run some more, but I knew that I had to rest for today’s looong day at work.

* * *
Cheating dasher

Aside from last night’s run, I also did some crosstraining at the gym last Sunday. I stayed on the elliptical more than I wanted to, did leg raises (ouch), rotary torso, and worked out my gluteals and hamstrings. I also tried the stationary bike, which I loathe because it lacks the thrill of outdoor biking and right in front of it are the TV sets. But it was my only choice because it’s the only equipment I could find that would enable me to read while working out.

Anyway, I took a seat beside someone who had been biking since I came to the gym. Now, I don’t normally speak to strangers (unless, of course, my work requires me to). But it was he who spoke first. I could sense that he’s staring at my shirt—the Miracle Run shirt—but I hoped he wouldn’t speak to me, as I had two magazines to read.

“Where’d you get that shirt?” he asked.

And then we talked almost the whole time. I learned that he’s also from UP and he’s been running for 30 years. He told me that once a runner finishes a marathon, one should finish one every year. I was hoping I could get some running tips from him. But upon finding out that I’m also from UP, he jumped from one topic to another, including activism. He even told me that I shouldn’t be reading while moving. “Lalabo mata mo n’yan,” he said. He’s more of the talkative one, so I couldn’t butt in to tell him that there’s no point to telling me that as I’m already visually impaired and that I had to go through both magazines before work resumes the following day. I was just surprised at how much talkative he could get, or was I giving him the journalist’s vibe that encourages people to talk?

It was his fault that I increased the bike’s incline to 4, thus adding resistance. When he saw that I only set it to 1, he said, as if he was my coach, “One lang? Ang daya mo. Increase mo yan.” Hence, the self-imposed punishment I bore. But I hope it’ll help me conquer Westgrove soon? Ha, dream on!

I’d been biking for 30 mins when he left. Whew, it was then that I put the incline to 1 again. Haha. I have a high tolerance for pain, but I guess I love myself so much that I spare myself from needless self-inflicted pain (well, I would only do so once in a while in the name of training).


2 thoughts on “Pounding the pavement

  1. He’s been running for 30 years? If he started at age 20, then we’re the same age. Did you, by any chance, got his name?
    Good luck to your 10k run in the KOTR, dasher. Hanapin mo ako ha. Finding me is easy. Ilan ba namang matandang babae ang tatakbo ng 5k? Let’s have our picture taken before the starting line. See you!
    Btw, my race bib is #9721. What’s yours?

  2. Oh, I wasn’t able to get his name. All I could utter when he was about to leave was it was nice meeting him. Nahiya na ko to introduce myself. Hehe.

    Yes, I’ll see you at the race. Thanks, I’ll be on the lookout for your race number. I forgot my race number. It’s at home (I’m at the office right now, hehe). Good luck with your run, too! And enjoy! 🙂

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