Adidas King of the Road 2008

We’re finally registered.

Whew. Despite the incessant rains last Wednesday, I went to SM Megamall to have Net, Pao and myself registered.

“Sigurado ka?” someone asked me when I just said that I’ll be headed to Megamall. It was almost noon and the rain was showing no signs of stopping.

“I have to,” I said.

“Umuulan. May bagyo. Mababasa shoes mo. Mababasa paa mo,” she said.

“Oo nga eh,” I said. She knew how much I hate it when my feet get wet in the rain.

After a few seconds, I got up, declared that I was leaving and said goodbye. And off I went.

When I got to Adidas Megamall, there was a long line by the cashier. I had this gut feeling that they were signing up for the run. The woman at the counter told me that there were no more female singlets. I thought we’d end up wearing our singlet of choice, which was all right with me. But then they released gorgeous singlets and I thought one way or another we should have them. I asked if I could get a singlet for female from another registration center. I was told that I could only claim singlets and race packets from the registration center where I paid.

“Ma’am, medium and large na lang po talaga for male,” she said, looking apologetic.

I thought I’d go home without a singlet. I didn’t know that what she was trying to point out was that I have to choose between a large- or medium-sized singlet for male. Haha. She never said so, and I thought I’d look really silly for wearing a singlet for men. So I got the medium singlets. After paying, I thanked them sincerely.

So what’s my goal for KOTR? Every time I head for a race, what I always have in mind is to beat my previous record, but I don’t really set a SMART goal. Moreover, while I’m somewhere along the 10k route, I’d drop the idea of getting a PR and just enjoy the run. In other words, I lose my focus.

Maybe it’s about time I set a running goal the same way I set goals for my career and everything else. I don’t intend to be the King or Queen of the Road in this upcoming race. I guess just like i the previous run, I’ll just treat this as another fun run. Planning may take some time, and I’ll leave that for the next race.


7 thoughts on “Adidas King of the Road 2008

  1. Hey DD,

    Sometimes its good to give emphasis on your PR, it would be a great basis on your next run and for sure will motivate you during your runs. But don’t take out the fun, it should come along.

    See you at the races,
    Vener – run unltd.

  2. thanks, vener. 🙂 will keep that in mind. and yes, i’ll try to work on my pr and literally “stay on track” for my goals. see you at the races!

  3. Digital Dash,
    Haha! Girl, thanks for going through all that just to have us registered. 🙂 I don’t have a practice yet for the week! Work is a hindrance to my running goals! haha….see you saturday! 🙂

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