Why you should wear sunscreen

Whenever my player starts this song, I would brace myself for another laugh trip. It used to annoy my ears, but the “Yes?” part tickles my funny bone. Don’t be bothered with Baz Luhrman and this creature lecturing us on wearing sunscreen. Their advice makes some sense, as wearing sunscreen does have benefits. It can save you from skin cancer. While divers are torn between wearing sunscreen (to protect their skin) and saving the reefs (as chemicals in sunscreen can contribute to damaging them), I don’t think runners are facing such a dilemma.

In the May issue of Runner’s World, a marathoner was quoted to be saying that if there’s one advice she wished she heeded, it would have to be wearing sunscreen. She’d been running sans the protection, and she had skin cancer.

So why wear sunscreen?

Sunscreen good. No sunscreen, bad. Yes?


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