Adidas KOTR: October is tardiness month

Let me begin this entry by stating that October seems to be my tardiness month. The month isn’t half way done, but I’ve already consumed the three tardy log-in times that we’re allowed at the company.

The Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) was no exception to my October tardiness trend. My alarm failed to wake me up! I guess I felt so down last Friday with how the week ended at work. I thought we’d meet the deadline, I’d go home full of excitement for the next day’s race and have a worry-free weekend. But the week ended with an influx of acid in my stomach—I just had another fit of a stressful week that when I called it a wrap at a few minutes past midnight, I was dead to the world—even to my loud alarm a few hours later.

I woke up from the noise of the vibrating phone pounding on wood—Pao had been calling me. A wake up call? I initially thought. When I checked the time, I was hoping I was just having a nightmare. This can’t be happening.

Good thing Pao waited for me, and when I got out of the house I almost cried the tears out for not being on time. We picked up Net, and off we went.

Late… again!
We made it to The Fort past 5:30, but just before 6AM. So we had time for some warm up, stretching and bathroom break. We even saw Lyn and her colleagues.

I wasn’t paying attention to the emcee calling the 10K runners, as I could still see some of them doing their warm ups. My thoughts were still on my non-working body clock. I didn’t want to blame it all on a stressful work week. Work just can’t be the center of my universe!

We waited for Lyn’s group and we waited for Pao, who took a last minute bathroom break. Then, they were calling the 5K group. I was about to check in along with the other 5K runners when we were told that the 10K runners have already started their run.

What?! I’m late again?!?

Lyn’s colleague (I don’t know how to spell his name) also didn’t realize that the 10K group had already started and he suggested that we run together. I’m more of the loner runner, but I welcomed the idea of having a running buddy. After all, I thought we’d be losing each other along the 10K route. But we didn’t. He talked most of the time, which was good. My attention was swept away from the heat of the sun frying me and the work left unapproved last Friday (which, one of my officemates, said “Itakbo mo na lang bukas”).

The uphills made me miss LB more. It must be the trees and the fresh air that I miss. The uphills at this race were much more bearable, but I missed the green scenery that LB offered and that cool, fresh air.

The race route, which took my map-reading-challenged brain a lot of energy to understand, brought us to a running route I’ve never taken before, making it an exciting run. By the time we reached the Buendia flyover, I’ve stopped worrying about my “broken” body clock, and began to concentrate on the run and well, the small talk that goes with having a running buddy pace with you. Haha.

We stayed strong during the first kilometer, slowed down a bit on the second. I realized that the best drink, for me, is still water—carbonated water just makes my tummy no good. I had to shake the 100 plus bottle so that it would just taste like orange juice.

We maintained a 6’07” pace from the third to fifth kilometer, sprinkled a few walks in between, and maintained the same pace from 6km to 8km.

Thanks to a new-found running friend and enthusiast, I maintained a good pace. Knowing my long-time attitude with strenuous activities (Spare thyself from suffering), I know that I haven’t been pushing myself to my limit. And Lyn’s colleague just helped me try to be harder on myself for a change. Despite a month long of no tempo run, long run and speed work, I finished the 10K in 1:13:33, 3 mins better than my Miracle Run time.

In a nutshell
I felt great after the run (don’t we always?). I think my running friends and I all finished a strong finish. Let’s forgive the organizers for the map, which my friends thought I only made up (haha. Do I look like a bluffer?).

The race started on time—it waited not for the queen of tardiness (at least for this month; and I do hope it would end this month). The water stations were teeming with 100 plus and water (which had an after taste, or maybe it was just me?).

But my friends who ran 5K complained that they didn’t spot a single water station along their route. Unlike the Bonifacio Global City Fun Run, which I believe was also organized by Mr. Biscocho, KOTR didn’t have a lot of road marks. My friends and I just love it when we see signs like “1 kilometer left.” Such a road mark is like a cheering squad. But there were enough marshals to guide runners to the right direction.

Top that race off with granola bars, more drinks and banana, which I wasn’t able to get, as I was trying to get a spot in the graffiti wall. It’s not that bad, after all. What I have to work on is repair my body clock and improve my “management skills.”

I’ll post the pictures soon. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Adidas KOTR: October is tardiness month

  1. congrats on your 10k tardy runner… hehe. πŸ™‚ it’s nice you’re improving your time… but it’s nicer that you had fun. πŸ™‚

  2. thanks, nora. yup yup, hope to see you soon! πŸ™‚ congratulations sa medal! indeed, you’re the golden girl! πŸ™‚

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