I’ve always loved Fridays. Not only do I look forward to a work-free weekend, I also look forward to dressing down. Friday means dressing down to comfy clothes (unless we have to go to a business trip), and it just gives me the “Independence day” feel.

Yesterday was no different—I wore a shirt, leggings (or tights or whatever they are called) and flats. I was also excited to meet up with two of my bestest best friends from college that I was doing the “gazelle-like” strides in the office during lunch break on the way out of the production area. I wish I hadn’t, as some things that couldn’t have been noticed caught people’s attention.

As I gazelle-strided back to my work station, one of my office friends noted that I looked like I was going to run.

“Hindi naman to running shoes ah,” I said.

“No. It’s not the shoes,” he clarified. “It’s your legs. Parang runner.”

I gave him a puzzled look. He—a gym buff—explained that my leg muscles looked like they’ve been worked out and motioned to look at my big legs again.

“No!” And I ran a few feet away.

Even though we’ve talked about upper body and lower body work outs and core muscles, conversations about legs bring me to an experience months ago, when I started training for my first 10k.

I was at the mall with my parents then. We got onto the escalator with my mother behind me and she pointed out that my legs were as big as my father’s.

“No, they’re not,” I protested. So upon reaching the next floor, my father and I stood side by side. My mother’s estimate was close—my father’s legs are just about half an inch bigger than mine even though he’s four inches taller than I am.

Going back to the office tale, I told my friend sheepishly, “I have big legs.”

He said that they didn’t look that bad and that they looked strong. I don’t remember what I said afterwards. I guess I just nodded and stopped doing gazelle strides.

My mother had pointed out the same thing and told me that I just didn’t get my father’s skinny legs. “But they’re not ugly,” she said.

Should I start blaming fashion magazines now and curse the fashion industry for bringing back the skinny-jeans hype?

Or maybe I should just go back to my good, old trusty jeans. They don’t get that much attention when covered in denim.


3 thoughts on “Muscle-d

  1. Good thing about Men, when we get fat we can always go HIP HOP and wear oversize clothes.. hehehhe

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