No booze, but still high

Who says Friday nights aren’t fun without the booze and the club music blaring?

My friends and I traded this party:

Sexy Black Halloween Party at Warehouse 135

for a crazier Halloween night and signed up at the first night fun run called Isuzu Shake, Rattle and Run:

Isuzu's Shake, Rattle and Run

Abbey was a bearer of good news last Monday when her e-mail read “Takbo pala ako sa Friday.” Tuesday came, and Net decided to join the run. Tet finally had her Friday schedule free from appointments and hopped in our bandwagon.

It’s been six months since we last went out together. And as always, surprises always come our way when the four of us join forces for a vacation or a girls’ night out.

“You just can’t miss the happenings that we can cause,” Nette had told me I missed one girls’ booze night.

Team of four
It’s the first night fun run, and it’s the first time all four of us ran together. It was a lot of fun. The route was quite boring, as we just ran around BHS, but the scene—runners in different costumes—was a feast to the eyes. Some really exerted efforts with their winged props and headgear. Some looked like they just stepped out of their bathrooms. Some runners had thick make-up on to look scary. And there were some who barely wore anything. If you find kids in costume on Halloween cute, seeing grown ups in those outfits is funny.

After four rounds around BHS, who needed booze? Runners’ high was enough to keep everyone’s spirits up despite the late hour and after a regular working day. However, Net and I reminisced when we passed by Ascend, where the four of us were last spotted in the area.

I must admit, though, that running at night is more tiring than an early morning run, especially if it’s a Friday night and you just logged out of the office.

Two of my former work colleagues, Lyn and Shanon, were also at the run. I’ll probably post a more detailed account of the fun-filled night soon.

the soldier, the fairy, the cat and the malditas
the soldier, the fairy, the cat and the malditas

7 thoughts on “No booze, but still high

  1. hi tracy! love your blog entry! haha. of course, andito kami. last time we were together eh party mode to the highest level (with lyn and cathy).

    it’s christmas time already!

  2. I’ll wait for this: “I’ll probably post a more detailed account of the fun-filled night soon. ”

    Nice entry, nice run, fun night… purrrfect! 🙂

  3. Wow I wish i was as passionate as you when it comes to exercise. I mean running is a form of exercise diba? heheh. 😀 and ugghh embassy girls are all present except me. whuut.


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