Isuzu’s Shake, Rattle and Run

During lunch time, I couldn’t help but stare outside and wish the rain would decide to come another day. “Not tonight, please,” was my plea as I lazily ate lunch on Halloween with my office friends, who also couldn’t wait for the day to end.

Soon, it was time to go home. I sent Tet a message that I was on my way to meet her. The excitement was brewing. The four wacky girls, the costumes and the running—these would sum up a fun-filled night, I thought.

Pre-race power snack, race packet surprise
We arrived in BHS a little past 4pm. There were kids in costumes, going around for trick or treat. Tet was craving for doughnuts, so we opted for Krispy Kreme. I wasn’t hungry yet, but decided to get a Reese’s treat for the sake of camaraderie and dumped the Wheet-bix I brought along. Abbey and Net met up with us at the cafe. We offered them some doughnuts and the cereals, but they declined. They’d had their doughnut snacks when they had arrived—and at Krispy Kreme, too. And the Wheet-bix didn’t look enticing at all.

Net was already in her all-black ensemble. Abbey was in her running attire and Isuzu shirt. So Tet and I changed to our costumes, sans our headband and cap, of course. We’re on our way back to the race booth from the parking lot when we spotted a stranger and asked her to take our photo together. Then, the three of us, non-Isuzu employees, headed to R.O.X. to get our race packets. I pitied the race registration officers there, as no queue was formed for a more organized distribution of packets. Instead, they were surrounded with participants.

I had already handed our claim stubs when Tet and Net instructed me to look to my right for another surprise. What the heck?!? From a Bora escapade to a fun run? Could someone please explain the phenomenon of how two souls from LB always seem to bump into each other? But we just laughed it off. Nette was right; something seems to always come up whenever the four of us are together.

The registration officer couldn’t find our forms, so she just jotted down our names on the yellow pad and handed me three shirts and bibs. We just picked the number of our choice, without really caring who owns which number. We met up with Abbey by the race booth, where we met some of her colleagues from Isuzu.

The dedicated Isuzu employee, the cat, a maldita and an unscathed soldier
The dedicated Isuzu employee, the cat, a maldita and an unscathed soldier

Every now and then, we felt droplets of water on our cheeks. “Aww,” we’d say, but would turn the optimism switch on, “Hindi, wala lang yan.”

But just before 7pm, it started to rain hard. “Aww,” a collective groan of the runners went. We remained under shelter, hoping that the Shake, Rattle and Run wouldn’t turn into another OROFOLS-like shower.

“Ayan, wala na,” Abbey said a few minutes later. Who was she kidding? We laughed at her. Every now and then, one of us would say the same thing, even though in reality, the rain clouds showed no sign of leaving BHS. We were just wishing out loud. Thank God, the rain tamed into a drizzle soon and then eventually got scared off by the runners’ costumes. Haha.

The runners assembled in the starting area. Tet saw one of her work colleagues, who was in a fairy costume. We saw cow and chicken, characters from a cartoon show that my brother loved to watch, but a show I hated. The run softened my perception of the show, though, as I loved the duo’s costumes. They looked cute together, and it was a sight to see when they crossed the finish line at the same time.

Nette and I ran together for the first round.

“Nette, Ascend oh,” I said, pointing to the club.
“Ascend, we miss you,” she said. And we laughed again, remembering our Ascend night last May.

The last time that the four of us were together in BHS was when we spent the night in Ascend and got free drinks for some reason that still remains a mystery until today. Haha. It was a Friday night, and we almost begged the DJ to play good music. Out of boredom, we stepped into the ledge when it was empty and danced, indifferent to the stare of the younger crowd.

Anyway, we’re all back to BHS again, and this time, we’re tamer. We didn’t wear anything outrageous for costumes, as comfy was our keyword. I remember Nette wondering if the costume would be worn before the race. “But what if you decide to be a princess?” she asked.

We lost each other when we were about to make it to the second round. Dispersed in the race course were tombstones saying R.I.P. and below were the words “Run in Peace.” I stopped twice at the water stations, drinking only very little as the bathroom was actually where I wanted to head to. When I finished, I lingered by the finish line to watch the parade of finishers in their cool costumes with Emcee Count Dracula naming them.

My friends and I did have a lot of fun, wackier theories, shared stories and made out-of-this-world remarks to our six-month old stories. Abbey even had a picture with her boss at the Puma store. We also had our photos taken with other people in costumes.

I caught up with Shanon and Lyn, too, and met some of their colleagues. One of them was a familiar face, someone Net and I met at the KOTR. We also met Lyn’s sister, Katie (?), who was the diligent photographer (in costume) of the night.

The following day, Pao asked me how the night run went. I couldn’t stop enumerating the costumes we saw and raving about how fun it was, and told him that he and Lei should not miss next year’s Halloween run.

the girls with the fairy
the girls with the fairy
female costume winners
female costume winners
male costume winners
male costume winners

Congratulations to Isuzu (Abbey, be proud!). I hope they raised enough fund for the intended charity and we’re looking forward to another Halloween run next year!

reporting for duty, flying, purrr-fect, silence please, peace out
reporting for duty, flying, purrr-fect, silence please, peace out

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