Twilight fever?

My throat began feeling itchy two weeks ago. Then, the cough came in. I skipped a few days of strength-training and even running to get some rest. But the rest days offered no relief. I was waiting for the fever to take its toll and let me sign a sick leave form. But fever spared me. And I still found myself doing easy runs at night and reporting to work on time (Whew. I’m still tardiness-memo-free. Yey!).

I still went about my usual business, but I took action to drive away cough the natural way. I would drink more than two liters of water a day, pop ascorbic acid, but still do some easy runs at night. However, I’ve known that running and barking at the same time is not an activity for humans, but for their best friends. So I decided to see the doctor Tuesday last week.

“I’m going to give you antibiotics,” she said as she pulled out her prescription pad.
“Antibiotics?!” I asked, surprised. I guess I overreacted.
“Yes,” she said, also startled by my response.

I cleared my thoughts. Why antibiotics? My uncle and doctor would only give them when I have a bad case of cough/sore throat coupled with fever. So I gently reminded her that I didn’t have fever. But I fell quiet afterwards to let her explain. She said she checked my lungs, and found that I have a bad case of cough. She prescribed me Clarithromycin and 500mg Ascorbic Acid, which should be both taken twice everyday for seven days.

Seven days later, nothing much happened. She asked me if I took the medications as she prescribed. I told her I did, but noted that the pharmacist gave me a generic brand because the drug store ran out of stock.

“Ah, kaya pala,” she said pensively.

Minutes later, I was in the X-ray room. And yesterday, I paid her a visit again. So I missed Running Aid, which was something I was looking forward to.

Besides Running Aid, I also missed a few easy runs last week. I only ran a few kilometers this Monday. For the whole week, I tried to get more sleep, something I haven’t been getting. So instead of waking up at 5am for an early run, I’d give myself an extra hour for sleep. I opted to rest at night after work to speed up the recovery from my barking episodes (did I just turn into a werewolf?).

Oh, now I know what’s up with me. I have Twilight fever. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been staying up late at night reading Meyer’s blabber on werewolves and vampires. To be honest, I find the whole Bella-Edward cheese sickening. But I love the Cullen family and I’m keeping up with all the cheese just to find out how these vampires became a family.

Anyway, on a more serious note, I wish the cough would just go away. I don’t feel, umm, normal logging in 2km of run a week.


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