Breaking the running hiatus

After a running break that seemed to last for eternity, I finally reunited with my running shoes.

I reviewed my runs with my SportBand and realized that I’ve been averaging one run per week since November. Simbang gabi also slashed my sleep to four hours a night, so instead of running or going to the gym, I would take a nap or would hurry to the office to do advance work for the holiday break and to catch up with deadlines.

So when my college friends and I finalized our plans for the year-ender trip that also served as a welcome-back get-together for our expat friends, I knew that I should bring my running shoes.

Punta Fuego

Our destination was Punta Fuego. We had no definite plans. But we brought swimming clothes. And among us, I was the only one who planned to bring running shoes along.

Pig out
We spent Sunday afternoon at the beach. Abee, Aika, Jappy, Mikay, Nette, Pia and I pigged out at the shore, too. And when we were craving for some real dinner, we headed to the resthouse (shown above) where Mikay, our resident chef, prepared Cordon Bleu and Pia, her own tuna omelette.


The feast didn’t end there. A poker set, chess board and a collection of DVDs were available in the living room.

The group paid very little attention to these as we were set to do one thing: videoke. While waiting for our turns in the washroom, Pia and I asked the household help to set up the system. Before dinner, Abee and Net also belted out some tunes. After dinner, we wasted no time and hit the microphones again.

We sang the whole night with our basket of fruits and junk food in the second-floor videoke room until one by one, we retreated to our beds.

One or so miles
I woke up at around 6:30am, after a few snoozes of alarm. For a second, I was tempted to go back to sleep. Then I thought about my long abandoned running shoes and thought that a visit to Punta Fuego would be a waste if I don’t try running a few miles.

I got out of the house and across the empty lot was a cow staring at my direction. I scanned the area, another cow stood a few meters from the house, busy with its breakfast. There was also a goat.

If I run, would they run after me? I wondered.

There was no way I’m going back to the house, so I decided to walk first and see if a cow would charge after me. Upon closer look, I realized that it was tied to a tree.

Certain that no animal would attack me, I started to run.

After a few minutes, I wondered, “Wala bang patag dito?” Every step was becoming such an effort. I haven’t worked out for weeks and now Punta Fuego is offering me uphills and downhills. Nonetheless, I continued running.

I reached the resthouse where we’re staying, and decided to take another round. Then I heard a bark from what seemed to be a toy dog, so I stopped.

“Mabait ‘yon,” the man by a parked car told me. “Hindi ‘yon nangangagat.”

So I walked, but I doubted the man’s statement. The dog’s barking. How could it be so friendly? After a few steps, I was surprised to see that the dog was half the size of what I was expecting it to be. Nonetheless, it still has teeth. Not even its master, who was shouting from inside the house, could make it stop from barking. Thankfully, it didn’t run after me, so when I made it to another round of fatal uphill, I decided to end my comeback run. I wasn’t ready for such uphills and downhills.

I only ran 1.24 miles. I wished I ran more to enjoy the scenery, the fresh air. But the uphills were posing me a threat. Add to that the tiny dog, which was also posing a biting threat.

So I got back to the house and decided to help Mikay with breakfast—ham omelette and garlic rice.

In summary, it wasn’t a running escapade. It was a two-day trip with college friends to go to the beach, videoke night and not just carbo-loading, but loading of any food that we can lay our hands on. Haha.

So when 2009 comes, we know what to do: shed all the pounds we gained.

Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking the running hiatus

  1. Trace, where were you last Sunday? I finally ran my first 10K at the PSE Bull Run! Wish you were there, though. Will be accompanying my 2 kids run/walk the 3K race at the Happy Run this Sunday. Hope to see you there!

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