Quick updates…

This blog missed a lot of documentation. For one, I’ve forgotten to write more about my new year’s running resolutions, which turned out to be somehow moot, anyway.

Nonetheless, I’m back to training—back to my favorite long runs, easy runs, deadly tempo runs, suicidal speed work, boring strength training and grueling core training. I’m also enjoying the company of my small circle of running friends in and out of races. And I hope to stick to training so that the negative adjectives would be removed from my running vocabulary, and be replaced with words like “challenging” and “stimulating” as well as its positive cousins.

Here’s a quick update:

The Greenfield City Run is my first race for the year. I did a 5K, because prior to the race, I’ve been in and out of training.

The Greenfield City Run was my much needed jumpstart. I learned about the Nuvali Cross Country Duathlon when I got home after my first 2009 race, and decided to join, even though I only had exactly seven days to prepare for my first ever duathlon and even though it’s been almost a year since I last used my father’s spare bike.

As if I developed a love affair with dirt (at the XC duathlon), I joined the TNF100 at Sacobia, Clark. I also joined the 5K event at the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009. I was supposed to join the 15K, but with sore throat and a threatening tonsil infection, I had to skip training, get more rest and race only 5K (without my doctor’s knowledge, of course, hehe). I promise to provide details about each update. Nag me if I don’t. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick updates…

  1. Trace, I was also at Mizuno. I ran 10k, after 5 months of not training. Sayang, hindi tayo nagkita! I have a new celfone #. Please e-mail me at ndelr2003@yahoo.com. My phonebook was corrupted. I don’t have your cel # anymore.
    Please join the Run for Home this July 19. Takbo tayo ng 10k.

    1. hi nora!
      sayang, i didn’t see you at both races. will you be at urbanite? hope to see you there! 🙂

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