Quick Update #2

Greenfield City Run
Nonette and I joined the heavily advertised race at Sta. Rosa City. It was one of the nearest races from home, yet I think we were one of the last to arrive.

Gun start didn’t shoot on time, so we lingered by the race route tarp.

“Grabe, makakauwi na ko sa ‘min n’yan,” Nette observed as we tried to study the 21k route.

I clocked in my worst 5K, 38 minutes or so. I attributed it to lack of training. But I could not discount the fact that the sweltering heat also took out most of the runners’ energy. Then I also thought, is this one of the signs of aging? Hmmm…


One thought on “Quick Update #2

  1. How many kilometers nga kaya from Greenfield to our homes? 🙂

    Uh oh. I don’t know. 😀 I’m sure it’s less than 21k kasi Alabang is about 14km from home. Kayang takbuhin, Nette! 🙂

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