Quick update #4

The North Face 100 (10k trail run)
Thinking that I owe my Bowerman an apology after the Nuvali XC Duathlon, I got a pair of Adidas Kanadia trail running shoes for The North Face 100 Trail Run in Sacobia, Clark.
I’ve shared the pre-excitement race on this one in a previous entry, hence the name of the group: Team Excited.

Unlike my first attempt at “dirty” running, I didn’t have the “poise over pace” trouble at this trail run with the Kanadia pair. They grip the mud and lahar, enabling me to stick to the ground. Upon my first step on the river, I was surprised with the power of those tiny spikes underneath me: Look, Ma, I’m like Spiderman! 🙂 That’s why some Photovendo shots showed me smiling while I was doing the river crossing (which didn’t reach my expectation because I thought the river would be knee-high, haha). Well, it’s also a good thing that the supposed river didn’t reach our waists; I saw a lot of runners in their normal running shoes.

Nonette, Kathy and I were together until the first few hundred meters. Randy and Virna ran together because I think they went back to the parking lot to return their camera.

Unlike other races, we weren’t really out to get a PR at this race. All we wanted was to explore Sacobia. We could’ve brought cameras (or camphone, in my case), but we were all afraid of the damage that the race might cause to these gadgets.

In a nutshell, it was great trail adventure. Great trail shoes didn’t let me dodwn, but surprisingly, my new pair of socks got a tiny hole in it. Hmm, Kanadia, what did you do?!


2 thoughts on “Quick update #4

  1. hardcore ka pala trace eh! most of your running blogs here were about trail, or some other places to get down and dirty hahaha 🙂

    i think you’re the one person i could ask what shoes to get for trail noh? hahaha 🙂

    fave line: but surprisingly, my new pair of socks got a tiny hole in it. Hmm, Kanadia, what did you do?!

    hahaha 😉

    til next trail run (sana by then may shoes nako for that! hahaha

    1. haha. di lang updated, tim. 🙂
      but i’ve had a few road races na ulit.
      i have to leave the trail behind: may casualty ng isang toenail eh. hehe. 😀

      re: trail shoes. umm, i vote for kanadia! maybe you can have a poll in your blog on which shoes your readers recommend.

      then, let’s test-drive it sa trail. 🙂

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