Trying to be (extremely) diurnal

I realized that night runs and training don’t work for me: most of the time, I’m too drained from work to lace up my running shoes/crosstrainers. After work, my team mate and I would describe our state as “exhausted, hungry and sleepy,” that sometimes I don’t know what to do afterwards: eat dinner or just sleep?

There were times, though, that I was able to push myself and hit the gym for crosstraining or strength training. However, I would have a very good night sleep that I tend to skip the following morning’s easy run.

So in an attempt to repair my body clock and to keep my training time consistent, I changed my long run schedule (again). Instead of waking up at 7am this morning, my alarm ended my sleep at 4:20am. I intended to do a 15k run, and if I still had enough time, go to the gym for some core training. I even slept in my running shorts and singlet for additional inspiration to run.

I laced up Bowerman, which I just removed from the hangers because it got soaked in the rain last week, by 4:50. I was all geared up and was refilling my hydration bottles when I heard rain drops. Uh-oh. Should I change to my trail shoes? I wondered. I stepped out of the house and realized that the rain had calmed into a drizzle. Bowerman can handle this, I thought.

Run route gone wrong
After some stretching, I started out easy. I tried to rack my brains for the run route, which I just mapped last weekend. It was just 4.81km, and I intended to do a few loops to complete a long run, but I couldn’t remember which streets to turn.

What made it worse was that I realized upon my first left turn that I turned to the wrong street–Abelardo–instead of Juan Luna. Great, I’m lost again, I thought. So I just relied on the pedometer.

Too early for a shower
My watch read that I had reached 4km. I wasn’t having troubles with the drizzle. The grounds were dry enough for Bowerman and for my feet. Until suddenly, the silence in the streets was broken by the heavy downpour. I kept running. The rain both excited me and bothered me–it’s fun running in the rain, but it bothered me because I wanted to go the gym afterwards and I just washed my shoes!

Drenched in rainwater, I went home and logged in a mere 5.11km (according to my watch).

I then washed Bowerman (again), and then showered. By 6:30am, I was warm and dry in the gym, wearing my trail shoes, which braved the puddles after the rain. Hahaha.

Despite the disaster…
This morning’s training didn’t go as planned, but I hope the weather would cooperate in the future. I realized that I don’t have any trouble waking up in the morning, as long as I had a good deep sleep. Hence, coffee will definitely be crossed out from my list of drinks.
I also realized that Bowerman definitely needs a partner, so I wouldn’t have to stop a run due to rain. It misses Nike Free. But I suppose I should get the perfect pair this time, speaking of which, I need to have my gait analyzed first.

And oh, another realization: I had too much showers today.


2 thoughts on “Trying to be (extremely) diurnal

  1. You woke up at 4:20 AM on a non-race day? How I wish I could do the same. My waterloo is waking up early. Good it worked for you.

    When is your next race, Trace? Are you now training for Half or Full Marathon?

    See you soon (I hope!)

  2. Me too. Research shows that people who train in the morning tends to be more consistent than those who do their training in the evening. I woke up Mon-Fri 4:30am, oval track by 5:00am where i’ll stay there for two hours doing either hill run or leg speed training followed by stretching and drills.

    Wow! 🙂 I hope I can stick to this diurnal training. Eh this week pa lang, I’m back to night training na eh. Hehe.

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