Weather blues

On my second attempt at extremely diurnal running, my body clock was still adjusting. I got up at around 4:30, with eyes still red but excited to pound the pavement.

I could hear rain drops from the bathroom, but was optimistic that by the time I get dressed up for a run, the rain would have tamed into a drizzle and I could do an easy run.

By the time I was ready, the drizzle I was waiting for became a downpour. I waited some more. It was 5:15 in my watch.

“Run ka?” Dondi asked.

“Sana,” I replied.

“Lakas ng ulan,” he pointed out.

By 5:30, I gave up the waiting and decided to take the running indoors. So I napped for a few minutes before going to the gym, which opens at 6:00am, where I only did 3km.

I didn’t enjoy the treadmill workout that much that I wanted to sing “Why does it always rain on me?”


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