Bowerman speaks up

bowermanForget digitaldash. She’s a lazy blogger, anyway. It’s my time to tell you the tale of my first 15k road race.

I’m Bowerman, an aging pair of running shoes who belongs to a certain girl who calls herself digitaldash (as if she’s fast, duh). We’ve been good companions—until she became a pain in the sole.

I’ve been her running buddy since last year. Countless times, I’ve accompanied her during her trainings at the gym and on the roads, at road races and muddy trails, and even at shoe stores, where I thought she’d get me a friend. But she never did.

I heard her say she’d get a new one once she had her gait analyzed, and I thought that by the time she braves 15km of McKinley Hills, I wouldn’t be there for her. Not bad for good ol’ Bowerman, of course. In fact, she’d be doing me a favor if she lets me rest.

I don’t know what’s with this picky runner—she failed to go to Runnr to have her gait analyzed in time for the race, didn’t get a new running friend and dragged me along to her first 15km road race.

Sept. 20—she laced me up early, at about 4:20am. I think her running group got lost on the way to McKinley Hills, where the Rotarun would be held. I was hoping they’d lose their way and never make it to the race. But they found the race venue, and she even spotted a few familiar faces racing the 21k.

They circled around, looking for a parking spot. I was getting bored. Then I heard her say, “Nette, gunstart na ng 15k and 10k runners,” as she pointed outside.

Before I knew it, Nonette said they’re dropping off, so bratty runner then poured the ice cold Gatorade into her hydration bottle, picked up her bib and off we ran to the start/finish line as she pinned her bib. She and her friend checked in and squeezed themselves through the 3k runners, who were waiting for their gunstart.

She was in a state of panic, I guess, because she was running like mad, overtaking every runner who was already walking the uphills. Then she slowed down and held on a post and started to stretch. Ha! Her muscles are killing her, I suppose. Then she ran again, way past other 5k runners and even greeted a few of them as we sped past. Hmm, I’ve never seen those guys at races before.

So there I was, running as she ran. She tried her best to maintain a good running form, especially as we went downhill, when she would strike with her heels. This is something she learned when she braved St. Martin hills with new-found running friends, who were nice enough to fill her brain with running knowledge (it’s about time she absorbs something other than semiconductors).

She kept running, even through the uphills, where she’d only slow down. I was getting tired, and my laces were becoming loose. Good thing she noticed me about to slip from her left foot, so she tied my laces in knots again. She then walked. Whew, a break at last!

I noticed that I was the only visible pair of running shoes in our lane, and I guess she noticed this, too. So she kept running, until she found other 10k and 15k runners. She’d greet some of those runners on the other lane (those shoes were lucky; they had proper warm up prior to the gunstart). I must admit: I was impressed with these runners. They can retrieve names from their database in a snap, even while running. Digitaldash was probably too tired from running, because I rarely heard her say names as she waved them hello (such a slow processor, tsk).

According to her inaccurate watch (her replacement for my late best buddy Sportband), we finished the course in 1:45. I doubt its accuracy in distance, but I suppose its timing prowess is but precise.

In a nutshell, I’m glad I’m still alive. The hills were not as difficult as last year’s Makiling Challenge. I’m grateful that the 15k race wasn’t a trail. And I’m but proud of her because she made use of my heels whenever we go downhill.

Now it’s time for me to take a nap. I heard from the grapevine that she had her gait analyzed.


10 thoughts on “Bowerman speaks up

  1. Hey Bowerman, nice of you to speak up once in a while. But we do miss Digital Dash 🙂

    Nice touch, Tracy 🙂

    Hehe, thanks, Rico. I’ve seen the pics. Nice recap and realizations. 😀 I knew there’s more to that run than the liempo! 😀

  2. Tracy,

    Please try experimenting running downhill on your midfoot-forefoot/flat foot against heelstrike. If you try heelstrike and in downhill roads at that, you’re applying breaks to your body’s natural tendency to move forward. And because you’re applying breaks to your run, you run slower and the possibility of having pain in your lowerback, quads and calves might be an issue. There are many resources in the internet why heelstrike is the worst thing to do when you run downhill, i have a hard time looking for suggestions that you run heelstrike on downhill. So be careful.

    First time to comment din hehehehe!

    The Running Ninja

    Thanks for the tips, Sam! 🙂 Sure, experiment ulit ako. Will link you later. Office pa eh. Approve lang muna ng comments. Hehe.

  3. gait analyzed… hmm, you’re not compatible with mr. bowerman? hehe. 🙂

    according to the gait analysis, neutral daw ako. bowerman’s not a perfect fit, pero oks lang naman daw. 🙂

  4. ang kulit! bowerman, would you like to meet sometime supernova sequence, inspire or elixir? if you want you can join our mizuno run clinic tomorrow, maybe then you can have a brief chitchat with elixir!

    hope to meet you soon! (tell digitaldash to get a new pair!) wahahaha

    timmy! 🙂 yup yup, will get a new pair. 😀 hehe.

  5. hi…am from the bowerman family too. we must be related. i have carried so much mileage now that i feel like retiring.

    The “proper” form for any runner is whatever enables him or her to run their fastest and stay injury-free. For some people that might be heel-striking.

    But…there are people who struggle to change their form and end up running slower and/or getting injured. So I am not saying this is a cure-all for all your running problems and I would like to repeat — perfect form is whatever works for you.

    OK. But if you seriously want to change… the short answer is Drills! 🙂

    We’d talk about that soon. Ciao!

    sir mar! 😀 thanks for the tips. haha, drills? naku, i can already feel the pain. hehe. 😀 but will do! 🙂 see you soon po.

  6. Hi Bowerman, we must be cousins b’cuz i’m also from Bowerman family. I’m 9 months old and i think i still have more months before Flyingboar will decide to replace me, hehehe!!

    anyways, nice entry there Trace 🙂

    Carins! Nice seeing you and cousin Bowerman (oops, I just realized tanders na si Bowerman ko) last night. Bilis n’yo! 🙂 Tapos nawala pa kayo. Hehe. See you next time! 🙂

  7. Hi Tracy,

    This is a nice guide when running downhill:
    “The main thing to do to prevent injury and trashing quads when running hills is to minimize the pounding of downhill running by leaning forward and avoiding hard heel strikes. ”

    Hopes this help in your run and stay INJURY FREE 🙂

  8. Hi DigitalDash! Congrats on your 15k at RotaRun. That’s a good finish time.

    I’m also amazed that you have a pair of shoes that thinks and blogs! Imagine that?!

    See you in the races! cheers!

    Thanks, Mike! 🙂 Pero I think less than 15k talaga yung distance.

    Yup yup, see you! 😀

  9. At talagang nagsasalita si Bowerman! Mine is Supernova.. mukhang magreresign na kasi ginagamit ko even sa trail kahit hindi naman.. lol!
    hehe, of course! 🙂 whoa. will supernova run the full mary at sim as its final act? hehe. go get a kanadia na din, like tim! 🙂

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