Lexie’s Tales: The Nightmare Before Halloween (Part 1 of 2)

Lexie’s Tales: The Nightmare Before Halloween (Part 1 of 2)

pumpkinWhew. Finally, I saw the light of day again after more than 24 hours inside a shoe bag. At about 7am on the last day of October, this runner took me out for a run with three other pairs—two trails and Free’s. While I spent the whole day (and night) in a strange city on Halloween, the nightmarish stories had begun a week before the actual day of trick or treat.

2nd Subic International Marathon Weekend

I’m a young pair of running shoes—barely a few months old. Rewind to September: I thought some 5K virgin would try me on that Thursday afternoon. It turns out it was another newbie runner who’s planning to brave her first 21k. Three weeks later, we raced my first 10k, the QC International Marathon, where she got a new PR, just four minutes off her old one. (Got that, Bowerman? Girl power, yeah!)

Fast forward to the Subic International Marathon (SIM) weekend of Oct. 24-25, we warmed up with a seemingly speed monster of a half-marathoner. Shortly after, we joined the 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K runners.

I was comfortable and relaxed, but the 21K virgin seemed to have all stiffened up—the ordeal of the full marathon warriors the previous day probably scared her.

Of course, I felt the panic, too. What if she opts to not finish the race? Oh Lord, that would be such a shame on me! Nooo! And then she said the craziest thing: To not run at all because of the mass start and the late gun start (she’s such a brat, isn’t she?). Good thing she was with her running friends who are teeming with excitement, thus salvaging me from humiliation.

She enjoyed the view of the entire route as much as I did. But I must admit, it was a pretty long and tough run—sprinkled with crazy uphills, although a little shorter than my first long run with four other running shoes who belong to strong runners. However, it was long enough for me to feel the heat of the pavement that her socks were probably on fire. It must be the heat of the sun that made it nightmarish for me. But who cares? I’m a happy pair of shoes most of the time; I guess runner’s high also rubs in on us, too.

Who wouldn’t have fun at Subic when there’s an overwhelming sense of camaraderie at SIM, and overflowing drinks and cheers from support groups? At a certain point, the takbo.ph support group composed of 42k runners handed out ice cold drinks that were still dripping from the cooler.

Hmmm, I guess this weekend wasn’t too Halloween-ish for me, as I didn’t run the 42k, who faced a life-threatening battle in the dark with dry hydration stations. But the real deal happened on Halloween, when we didn’t run a night race, but PR-ed in haunted houses at a theme park. More on that in the second installment. I’m with Sleepy Head. 😛


6 thoughts on “Lexie’s Tales: The Nightmare Before Halloween (Part 1 of 2)

  1. ey sleepyhead & lexie! how come you never mentioned ely? wahahahaha akalain mo yun, nakapagsulat pa sa ibang bansa? or nakabalik ka na? nice narration huh 🙂 don’t forget my chocnuts! aka ferrero wahahaha

    1. heya tim. in part 2, maybe ely will be part of lexie’s tales. 🙂
      di ko lang alam kung pano. wahahaha. part 2 will have to wait until i get back. lexie’s always dead tired at night. haha. 🙂
      ferrero? choosy!

  2. Dear Lexie,

    It was nice meeting you during the last long run in McKinley Hills prior to your Subic half-marathon. It was actually my first foray onto the running world that night, for my pre-occupied human forgot my brother Asi (Asics Gel 1130) and luckily bought me off the Mizuno shelf on a whim. I knew then that you and your human would do well in your first half, and both of you actually did. Your race time was splendid, even better than mine and my human. But we’ll beat you soon enough. See you on the road.

    (Mizuno Wave Precision 9)

    1. Hi Price!

      You’re an amazing pair! 🙂 McKinley Hill as your first training ground and your human felt so at home with you. You both did great at QCIM!

      Thanks for believing in me and my human friend. Looking forward to run with you and let’s hope we get a new 21K PR for our human friends. 🙂

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