Word for Word #2: Keep running, kid.

Word for Word

“Pero mukhang hindi kita mapipigilan, no?”

β€”The orthopedist, renouncing her recommendation of a six-week rest. She allowed me to do 10k’s and instructed me to limit my speedwork training for the ligaments to heal in time for the Feb. 7 race.


10 thoughts on “Word for Word #2: Keep running, kid.

  1. sabi nga nila, listen to your body. para syang kotse may mga noise/creaks sya to warn us of a defect o injury.

    ex: if u often overheat o mabilis ka pawisan, bka kulang sa coolant. pag may ‘thump’ sounds while running bka ball joints. hehhehe

    seriously, listen to your body and be safe. πŸ™‚

  2. pinsan anu yan ! ??? pahinga ka muna ha …

    sabi nga nila if punta ka sa doctor mgpacheck up … ng nararamdaman you have to lie para makarun … una

    doctor will tell you ” anu ba ginawa mo bakit masakit?” kc doc i ran …. ok sabi ng doctor stop ka muna mgrun blah blah blah

    masakit man sa pandinig … pero ganun talga 😦 kya mnsan mas ok ata mag lie basta doc sumakit na lang … hehehe biro lang πŸ™‚

    pagaling ka cousin ! miss you na ! πŸ™‚

  3. tracy! training for condura FM? i hope your knees get better soon. i have the same problem with mine; mukhang kulang ako sa mileage as of this time, dunno yet if i’ll be able to complete my training goals until feb 7. anyway, get well soon! see you on the next race! πŸ™‚

    1. marvs! πŸ˜€
      yup, i’m training for condura FM. waah. good luck to us! the ortho recommended some exercises.
      see you!

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