Tech love, ballyhoo’s and hooah’s

I remember clearly the day I first saw you. It’s as if the whole world stopped, all background noise remained in the background—it was just you and me. The digital clock on my desktop stopped ticking; you took my breath away. Just a few minutes of getting to know you and I was certain: I like you.

The iPhone 4
The iPhone 4

But I now own a smart phone, which has been with me for three years. Banged up and stylus-less, it pretty much does all the functions I still want it to do: text, call, phone directory, calendar, connect to the Internet, Gmail, MS apps and enables me to read e-books.

iPhone, undeniably, is beautiful—in terms of functions and aesthetics. If I get one, however, it’ll become the new center of my universe. While I appreciate technology advancement and how it constantly eases our lives (heck, I work for a publication for design engineers, so I do appreciate how technology has produced jobs like mine), I don’t like the way we become slaves to these consumer electronics gadgets.

Sleek, stylish, but no, I'm not giving in. (Photo from
Sleek, stylish, but no, I'm not giving in. (Photo from

For one, sometimes I think I could barely survive a day without my mobile phone. Without it, I feel disconnected. Talk about dependence on technology (New York Times even had an Opinion column on how cellphones are becoming the new cigarettes).

And then I think about the way ancient people did without telecommunications… Simply amazing!


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