Feedback Files: Multisport blogs

Since I started running in 2008, I’ve never sought help from a coach. I know I’m no expert. But I believe I’m no pro runner, either, for me to really need one. Despite not having one, I’ve seen running friends run PRs after PRs; they had coaches. Hence, I do believe they’re a big help, should you want to improve your running performance and avoid unwanted injuries. However, I’m one stubborn kid who might not show up at scheduled trainings. Harhar. 😛

Hence, instead of seeing a coach, I consult thy runner’s bible: Runner’s World. I subscribe to Runner’s World online and, and take time to browse through articles, even the old ones that I found relevant for every distance I train for. I also consult the invisible college: I ask around for tips from other runners on training, nutrition, hydration, race strategies and even mental preparation.

And now that media is evolving, there are other sources of info. If you tweet, simply follow Runner’s World or Cool Running and you’ll get instant blurbs of their new content for the day. Blogs are also becoming valuable sources of information, as runners share their personal struggles with training, injury and PRs.

If you are a budding marathoner or multisport athlete or a multisport pro who’d simply like to read on, this page provides a wealth of URLs, as it categorizes 50 multisport blogs. I learned about this list some eons ago (haha; I know it’s been a while), when I received a message via this blog’s feedback form that this page might be of use to me, a budding and trying hard duathlete.

I hope you’ll find the page useful, as I have, since some of the blogs share inspiring IM stories (Hmmm, is it time for me to learn how to swim?).

And oh, this blog was listed #9 in the General Triathlon Blogs category. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Feedback Files: Multisport blogs

    1. high five! 🙂
      good luck on your next FM! 😀
      kassy, i just realized we haven’t met personally yet, though we’ve been in touch through our blogs for some time now. hehe.

  1. The good thing about running ay madali lang sya na sport. Unlike, other sports na kailangan talaga ng coach o trainer. Gaya ng tennis o Golf we need someone to teach us.. Running kahit internet lang at common sense pwede na.

    But of course, if u can afford it or if u think having a coach will improve your runs mas ok yun syempre.

    2centavoes ko lang.

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