Falcon’s first century

We made it safely!
We made it safely!

I could allude long rides to real life—an adventure with uphill battles and downhill excitement, appreciation of the journey, presence of mind at critical points, sharing it with people who matter to you, and trusting a greater Force for a safe and meaningful journey.

Falcon in Tagaytay
Falcon in Tagaytay

Read more about the adventure here.


4 thoughts on “Falcon’s first century

    1. thanks, ultrajet! 😉

      btw, i just realized, i haven’t included your blog in my link list yet!
      hope you don’t mind if i link your blog. 🙂

  1. Oo nga ano, parang sa life we can use the fastest gears or bigger gears to slow down or mag freewheel lang tayo sa buhay.

    Hmmm.. Magandang comparison ang bike at ang buhay.

    Falcon name ng bike? Ano first name nya? Tony? As in tony falcon? Heheh.. Sorry ang corny.

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