‘Tis the Season…

To be jolly?


But not only because it’s Yuletide season.

‘Tis the season for my slacker side to be happy, too, because I swore I wouldn’t be racing for the rest of the year.

A few weeks ago, fellow Team Endure gals Ellen and Carly, and I joined the Tri United White Rock Triathlon (WRT) as a relay team. This was the conclusion of my 2010 race season. But oops, technically, it’s the second to the last. It was that particular weekend that concluded it: a back-to-back race weekend of WRT and Milo Olongapo Eliminations.

During those couple of weeks I haven’t been blogging, I was busy transitioning to a new job, and busy spending more time with Falcon and learning cycling techniques from the Endure “masters”.

Goodbye, GS. Thank you.
Goodbye, GS. Thank you.
WRT recon: one of the boys
WRT recon: one of the boys

In-between activities
In one of those busy weekends, I got the chance to hang out with Kathy and Nonette, and learned how to float.

Kathy and I
First things first: You have to learn how to float
The Aquatic Gals
The Aquatic Gals

I had some breathing space to meet up with ol’ high school buds,

Pizza, Pasta, Salad for us (Photo courtesy of Abee)

have an impromptu dinner with family on a weekday (Spontaneity rocks!) and had an easy bike ride with my father in Nuvali,

My sister-in-law (and baby in her tummy!) and I: *burp*
Johan's signature wacky shot
Johan's signature wacky shot
Brother dear and father dear
Brother dear and father dear

chill at Timezone,

Team X at Timezone
Team X at Timezone

and become an urbanathlete!

The Wall, literally
The Wall, literally: Waah, how do I get my feet back on the ground? (Photo courtesy of Nonette)
Urbanathletes and the marshal
Urbanathletes and Marshal Woss (Photo courtesy of Carlo)
With Randy, Virna and Nonette of Team Gatorade
With Randy, Virna and Nonette of Team Gatorade (Photo courtesy of Nonette)

Time, indeed, is more important than gold. And I wish I can manage it more wisely so I can do more, spend more time with people dear to me and explore new things. I am grateful for every second. I feel blessed having shared every minute with these people. Time, indeed, is an investment.

Post-off-peak activity
With race mode off, it could be time for me to learn how to swim. It could be time to resurrect my social life, which had long been in coma. It could also be base-building for another season, during which I intend to run my second full marathon.

We’ll get there. Little by little, I’m taking steps. I just had to do one more thing: Climb another mountain.


Hello, Mt. Batulao.

Beautiful Batulao
Calm and quiet

Last weekend (a week after WRT), I climbed for the third time.

Can I just stay up here and enjoy the pollution-free surroundings?
Can I just stay up here and enjoy the pollution-free surroundings?

It was familiar serenity at the summit. Mother Nature never fails to captivate me, I thought.

As we trekked Batulao, we formed the conclusion: Race the roads. Relish the trail.

Tree hug
Tree hug: This tree is mine!

And with that (and lotsa calories consumed later), I also conclude my brief super slacker season, which Timmy dubs as “kain ng kain, lakwatsa ng lakwatsa”.

Though ’tis not a season to race, training for the next FM has been ongoing. And I still keep in mind the importance of time management: It’s training mode on for endurance and future races, it’s back to the grind at work, and it’s time to resuscitate that social life. 😛

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