Is it deadly or lovely?

It’s not everyday that I get to share anecdotes like this. So allow me to tell you a short story on how a pair of stiletto shoes taught me a lesson on perspective and interpretations.

My friend Kathy and I went window-shopping at the mall while waiting for dinner time with another friend. She spotted a purple stiletto shoe at one of the shoe shops and shrieked “That’s love!”

Kathy went inside the shop. I’m not a big fan of such shoes, but I went in, too. I looked around at the flats, the boots, and some sandals, while Kathy made her way through the rack where the five-inch stiletto shoe stood proud.

While we left the shop, Kathy mused again on how pretty the shoes looked. I gave her a reluctant nod, which she understood perfectly: “Look at you. You don’t agree, do you?” And then she laughed.

She knew well that I can’t walk on four-inch high heels. How can I even manage to stand on five-inch shoes?

We strolled some more and found ourselves in front of the same shoe shop again. “That’s love!” I heard Kathy said again.

“Kat, please,” I said finally. “Don’t call it love. You think it’s love. I think it’s deadly. Put them together and it’s like saying ‘love is deadly.’”

So now you see how two different people view the same thing differently. 😛


6 thoughts on “Stilettos

  1. Honestly, I used to envy women wearing stilettos. But after hearing Carmi Martin say “I pack up mo na si Lucy Torres at ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barreto. Ako na ang bahala sa red stilettos mo” in the trailer “No other woman”, nag-iba na ang pananaw ko sa mga nagsusuot nito (joke)

    I do admire women who are brave enough to wear 5-inch heels, but I will never risk my life wearing them haha…

  2. heya twace!!! Agree on H.E. Lexus’ comments. If they’re 3-inch stilletos, would you dare? You might change your mind eh? Then the shoes or love for that matter is deadly, no more. It’s all about balance. Btw, loved the color too.

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