Open Letter to 2011

Dear 2011,

I’m writing you to bid you goodbye and let you know how different you are from the other years of my life.

You gave me the chance to compete at the Subic International Triathlon as the biker of our all-female relay team entry. With Marga and Pepsi, we bagged the first place for all-female relay. For the second time, I felt my heart rate rise up even before I reached the first kilometer out of sheer pressure just like at last year’s White Rock Tri. Thank you for this experience.

After more than two decades, finally, you alone offered me Project Chlorine sessions with my team mates. After more than two decades, finally, I re-learned how to swim just like I did when I was a fetus. 😛 I’m forever grateful to my patient team mates who trained me and who still continue to guide me to get comfortable in the water. I’d like to thank you, too, 2011, for giving me courage to take that first dip.

In addition, you gave me the chance to do crazy things this year. I raced my first triathlon at UPLB Trantados’ Fun Triathlon last September. Thanks to my team mates, especially Carina, who helped me get through the longest 400m of my life. 😛

Another crazy thing I did was taking a stab at the standard distance duathlon at Nuvali this year. Thank you for sparing my legs from a full-blown crampfest. With very little training, I did have cramps, but I managed to cross the finishline alive. Thanks a big bunch. I learned my lesson: When I say I’m off season, there’s no turning back. 😀

Capping off 2011 was a trip back to Macau. This time, the travel wasn’t just for rest and recreation. it was to race a half marathon at the 30th Macau International Marathon. It was my first out-of-the-country race, and it’s best 21k I’ve ever taken. Watching the sunrise as I ran the Sai Van Bridge and feeling the cool breeze of Macau was an enchanting experience. I grinned like a fool almost all throughout the race route. I couldn’t help but utter prayers of thanks as I pounded the pavement.`

I’m grateful for every single day you gave me; all the injuries and semplangs you allowed me to experience–both physically and emotionally; all the memories; every lesson you taught me; for making my faith stronger than ever; for some of the friends I’ve met along the way; and for keeping my family and friends happy and healthy.

Thank you very much. As my father would say, “It’s been a blast.”


P.S. Please tell 2012 to be extra nice to me and my friends. 😛


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