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Whatchadoing outside my room?

I found this strange-colored amphibian outside my room. Hugging the wall and staying still, it looked like a sticky piece of dirt:

I stepped closer to examine it. I spotted two black spots, which looked like eyes and noticed its foldedĀ front and hind legs. For a moment, I stood in awe. It’s a frog! A yellow one!

Then I froze in fear. What on earth is that creature? I’ve never seen it in books nor pictures. And I wondered what it was doing outside my room? I stepped inside to get my phone so I could take its picture.

Then it leapt. It changed positions. It scared me. It made me worry of our little dog, too. What if Mulan plays with it or tries to bite it? If I remember correctly, the more colorful an amphibian is, the more potent its skin’s poison is. I’m not sure if it holds true for this mustard-colored (well, a few shades darker than mustard) frog (or is it even a frog? We have no pond in the compound!).

So the question lingers: What are you?