The Dasher Revealed

I surrender. Google‘s algorithms are far more powerful than my virtual hiding powers.

My name is Tracy, and besides my day job, there are other things I’d like to keep myself busy with, such as running, biking, the outdoors and most recently, swimming. I never thought I’d enjoy the solitude of swimming. Formerly employed by a B2B media company for EE Times-Asia, I am now a writer for a company’s technical documentation group.

A newbie multisport athlete and a Sh-Endure, I have no intention of conquering the world through swimming, biking nor running. I’m not gifted with the genes of an athlete, but I’m an advocate of the sport. A convert from the “couch” life, I embrace this new lifestyle because I want to enjoy this blessing called life and I hope to live it sans maintenance drugs for as long as I could. 🙂

I go gaga over books, Harry Potter, wildlife, dogs, roller coasters, strolls, the speed rope, a little digital photography, science journalism and publishing, social media, cultures, strawberries, and peanut butter.

I’m making this blog my new abode of tales of adventures and misadventures, mindless blabbering of thoughts and some tactful insights.


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